Shard Seekers Map 3

The World Map of Shard Seekers.

Overview Edit

The world of Shard Seekers is a vast land, filled with various villages, towers, trees, mushrooms, and species. The entire experience of this game takes place exploring this unnamed world.

Notable Locations Edit

Central Village[1] Edit

The main hub of Shard Seekers is the village located at almost the center of the map. Many players congregate and role-play around this area.

Grand Plateau[1] Edit

The Grand Plateau is located directly northwest of the Central Village. This is an area where many new players first started the game at. There is a tower on top of the plateau that gives a great view of the surrounding area when climbed to the top of. It is an area where many shards fall on.

Northern Bluffs[1] Edit

The Northern Bluffs are a series of hills and valleys north of the main village. These hills are one of the few areas that contain snow. Nestled at the most northern point on the map is the Northern Mansion, which is just there.

Bubblebrooke Edit

Bubblebrooke is a small lake very close to the Central Village, and contains a few houses. There's a secret cave in the waterfall that has a few houses.It's easy to find.

Western Village[1] Edit

The Western Village is located a short distance across the field from Central Village. This village has considerably less traffic than the Central Village, but not only is it close to Shard Lake and the Lone Mountain, but also has a way to climb up to the Sky Islands.

Lone Mountain[1] Edit

The Lone Mountain is the only mountain found in Shard Seekers. It was once almost impossible to climb up the mountain from the base, but after the Turtle Update, the impossible portion was replaced with shoreline, allowing anyone to climb up it. The mountain also provides a path to the Sky Islands.

Skyhold Edit

The Skyhold is a group of floating islands that give a great view to look for shards. Sky elves NPCs and a baby dragon can be found here. You can teleport to Skyhold at the cost of 0 shards as of the new update.

Shard Lake[1] Edit

Shard Lake is a lake located directly west of the Western Village. Enclosed in a small grotto, this lake has multiple stone shard-like formations, with one large one at the center. The purpose of the shards are unknown, as they do absolutely nothing.

Tomarty Sea[1] Edit

The Tomarty Sea is a large sea coming off the coast. Above is the Skyhold. The Tomarty sea has some sunken houses, and coral reefs.

Australia: Australia is basicly a big island that no one goes to in Tomarty lake and it is basicly like Australia. It also had snow.

Valley of Towers[1] Edit

Mushroom Forest: A big forest with big mushrooms. There are many deers lurking around, if you kill them you get 2-3 shards at a time. Very good for grinding and to get rich quick 🌝. Edit

West Barrens[1] Edit

Outlands[1] Edit

Volcanic Basin: A volcano with lava in it Edit

Ravine: A large ravine with very large vines and very large scorpions Edit

Secret hide out: Near the Northern bluffs and is under a plateu. It has a bunch of materials, probably where tomarty started building the map

Glowing vines: A under ground place with glowing vines

Under ground caverns: There are a lot of underground caverns and such. If you go play shard seekers, there is a very high and possible chance that you will be on top of a underground cavern.

Snowy lands- Its said to be found in the winter time, hard to find.

The map has recently been updated, all of this information is outdated :/

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