The Tyrannosaurus rex, Known as the T-Rex is a huge animal avatar, Biggest Animal avatar from so far. There are no other Skin variants for the T-Rex, But the Claws (Hands and Feet) Including the Teeth are colorable. For further notice the Female T-Rex is slightly bigger than the Male T-Rex. There are only 2 Ages for the T-Rex. Other smaller animals (Mouse and Baby Turtle for example) and Characters (Humans, Elves etc.) Are able to ride The Adult T-Rex, There are 3 slots available for Ride. And for the Adolescent (Baby T-Rex) There are 1 slot for ride.

Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 8.51.56 PM


Adult - 22,500 shards

Adolescent - 12,500 shards

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