White Shard

A small White Shard compared to a Wood Elf

Shards are the main (and only) currency of the game Shard Seekers. You can buy characters and pets with them.

Acquiring Edit

To get shards you can perform the following tasks:

  • Collecting the shards the fall from the sky onto the map (Beams of light can be seen falling from the sky, they indicate newly fallen shards)
  • Killing an NPC (passive creatures do not give any shards). This task does not give many shards, only about 1-3 per kill.
  • Using Robux to purchase Shards (I do not recommend this, because they are pretty expensive) ;-;

Fallen shards Edit

Shards will occasionally fall to the ground, signified by a beam of light.

There are six colors of shards that will land on the map (ordered by rarity) : white, yellow, purple, blue, red, and black

You can get up to 15 shards per fallen shard (on average, a newly fallen shard will give 2-3 shards, but larger ones usually give an average of 9-11 shards).

The colors of fallen shards do not change how much each shard can give.

When collected they shrink and turn into stone, losing their glow.

Multiple players can collect the same fallen shard.

Over time, uncollected shards will shrink, losing value over time, until eventually disappearing.

There is an animation when others collect shards; light-colored beams go into them.

Purchasing Shards Edit

Shards can be purchased using Robux. This could be useful for when you want to buy a pet that costs thousands of shards, but the absurd prices and low payout makes one rethink about if they should invest in this one-time purchase

# of Shards Price Shards

per R$

100 35 Robux 2.86
250 80 Robux 3.13
1,000 295 Robux 3.39
2,500 695 Robux 3.60
10,000 2495 Robux 4.01
25,000 5995 Robux 4.17


  • A common White Shard
  • A Yellow Shard
  • An uncommon Purple Shard
  • A Blue Shard
  • A large and rare Black Shard.
  • An already collected shard
  • A red shard

Trivia Edit

  • There are several large shapes on the map that look similar to already collected fallen shards, whether this is intentional or not is unknown.
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