Raptors are one of the two dinosaurs in the game (the other being the Trike/Triceratops), it can attack and has two stages, baby and adult. The raptor has three skin colors, brown, gray, and blue. The blue skin color has a stripe that can be colored (The blue skin color looks similar to Blue, a raptor from the Jurassic World series). Adult raptors have two available eye types. Raptor eye colors vary greatly. There is no male female difference.(?)

Ability Table

Raptors unlike mice, can climb solid stone walls or grass walls, but can't stay in place like what mice do or else if they don't keep climbing, they can fall. Mice however, can only climb organic material, not flat materials, while raptors cant climb organic material ( very hard to do). Raptors are the fastest runners and capable of doing parkour.

HOWEVER, this ability has been removed from raptors after the update and mice still retain the ability.

Adult raptors cost 4,250 shards. Baby raptors cost 2,250 shards.

Costs have been increased.



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