NPCs are non-player characters located at various points across the map that include fauna, monsters, and the various character races. All NPCs walk around aimlessly until provoked.

Human NPCs Edit

NPCs of the various character races are usually found near houses, though Blood Elves are usually found near caves.

You can speak to the NPC characters, though as of the latest update it does nothing. When spoken to, they used to say things like, "Hi. How are you?" or "Hello (typical NPC things)."

When provoked, they will draw their swords and attack you back. They also taunt you by saying things like,"Ow! You made a mistake,"(Human female) or "I don't converse with my prey/prepare to die."(Blood Elf).

Sometimes, when you sheath your sword, the NPC will also and stop attacking, though this isn't always true.

When killed, they will drop one to two shards, and then respawn very close by within five seconds., will show you the voice actors.

Non-Human NPCs Edit

Non-Human NPCs consist of deer, bears, scorpions, golems, and dragons.

Deer, when attacked, will not attack back or try to run away, but they don't drop shards when killed.

All other Non-Human NPCs will attack back, and drop one to two shards when killed.

Dragons are the most uncommon NPC, spawning in only two areas, the Sky Islands (hatchling), and the Southern Isles (adult). When provoked, they will relentlessly claw and breath fire at you, which drains a lot of health. They are a waste of time to kill, because they still only drop one to two shards.

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