Before The Shards, During the Time of Beasts: Edit

Humans were rather primitive, living in fear of supernatural golems & giant scorpions. As humanity evolved, these beasts did not. The forces of good were able to drive out the demonic creatures. Humans were able to tame some of these beasts, using them as pets, comrades, and even as friends. Eventually, humanity evolved into many races. These sub-races fought for thousands of years. This dark and gory era almost wiped out a few races.

During the Dark Age: Edit

The races fought, and fought, and fought; it happened for almost a million years straight. After a long, devastating time the Treaty of Six Races was formed. The treaty reads the following:

- No race shall engage in a wartime alliance with another

- No race shall commit mass genocides, or in more uncommon cases, cause a holocaust.

- No race shall set out to bring extinction upon another race.

- If the treaty is broken, all other races will attempt to eradicate the offender and their family.

The Golden Age Edit

The Future was here, species were able to join forces, build massive cities, and explore new lands. Some even focused on magic: a form of astronomy dedicated to altering the stars.

Until one astronomer took it too far.

The Shard Time Edit

They destroyed an enchanted star, making it rain mythical shards that can be used to shapeshift.

These shards gave the ability to turn into Dragons, Flying Elves, and other beasts.

Current Day Edit

Now all of these beasts and humans live together and collect these shards together or alone.

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