Characters are the avatars of the players.

There are several things that you can customize your character, such as hairstyle, sex, skin tone, hair color, species age, and clothing.

Different species cost different amounts of shards.

You can have multiple characters.

Species Edit

There are currently 8 character races available to play as:


Humans are the most common character seen roaming about the map. All new players start with an adult human. Humans can ride most mounts. They are average height.

Sky Elves

Sky Elves are elves that have wings. Their home is the Sky Islands.

Blood Elves

Blood Elves are similar to Sky Elves, except that their skin is red and they live near the volcano.

Wood Elves

Wood elves are elves that don't have wings, but can have horns. Wood elves can also ride most mounts, and are the only species that can ride deer.


Hobbits are small humans, and are the only species that do not spawn as an NPC anywhere on the map. They are the shortest characters in the game, which makes them very slow walkers. They are the only species that can ride foxes (and only foxes), which helps them get around faster.


Orcs are the least played species in Shard Seekers. Orcs are green looking, they mostly live in the Mushroom Forest and some are outcasts from their land. Orcs have more curved teeth than Blood elves.


Mermaids have a humanoid base body but with a fish tail instead of legs. Mermaids have a faster swim speed than other characters.

Dark elves

Dark elves are blue creatures that live underground. Also I'm sad NPC's don't talk anymore ;-;

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