There are currently 8 character races available to play as:

  1. Human
  2. Sky Elf
  3. Blood Elf
  4. Forest Elf
  5. Halfling
  6. Shadow Elf
  7. Orc
  8. Mermaid

Species Categorized: Edit

Land Species

Humans are the most common, and new players start with an adult human. Many humans can be seen as new players, so just ignore them if they tend to get into the way.

Wood elves, are not very common, but the elders have horns that serve no purpose. Wood elves have a connection with deer.

Halfling's are small humans , and they are the only characters that do not spawn as an npc anywhere within the map. They are smaller than wood elves, and unfortunately very slow walkers and depend on foxes to get around.

Orcs are under blood elves as the least played character. Not many players playing as orcs can be seen. Orcs are green looking, they mostly live in the mushroom forest and some are outcasts from their land. Orcs have more curved teeth than Blood elves.

Flying species: Edit

Flying species have an ability to glide, which makes them increase their speed, but the gliding ability only lasts for a short time.

  • Blood Elf
  • Blood Elves are the most underrated characters, so buying sky elf would be better if you don't play alone. There are no elders and they have pointy teeth, but less curved. Blood elves have shorter looking demonic wings that have patterns on them, unlike sky elves who's wings are solid with no markings.
  • Sky Elf
  • Sky elves are the most commonly bought character and have colors of bright pink to bright blue.

Aquatic species: Edit

[Please complete info on the only species in this tier, the Mermaid]

Other abilities:

  • Only Forest elves can ride Deer Pets such as fawns can be ridden by teen wood elves only.Adult deer can be ridden by any age wood elf.
  • Halfling's of any age can ride adult foxes only. The cubs can be ridden on but it would probably hurt so don't do it.
  • Characters have to be certain age to ride any animals, requiring the age. A example is that baby dragons have a teen mount.
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